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Complete Toddler Preschool

Toddler Teasers creates educational games for kids of all ages on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Our focus is on simplicity, fun and educational value. All our apps have full voice overs so no directions need to be read by the user. Thousands of kids have learned their numbers, shapes, letters and much more from our apps.

Our premier app, Complete Toddler Preschool, features 3 modes of play for 30 categories fully voiced over in 3 languages. In all there are over 1000 objects to learn, everything from a triangle or the letter "C" to a daisy or an anteater. Everything below is included in this app.

We know our young audience absorbs information like a sponge so don't be surprised when they can recognize a hexagon or even a truncated cone. Of course, you can setup which categories the app will display along with many other settings in the toddler proof menu.

Available in the iTunes App Store.

Quizzing Toddler PreschoolQuizzing includes all categories, but only the quizzing game mode. Flashcards Toddler PreschoolFlashcards includes all categories, but only the flashcards game mode. Toybox Toddler PreschoolToybox includes all categories, but only the toy box game mode.

The following categories are offered in standalone apps. The apps include all 3 modes of play in all languages, but only one category.

Shapes Toddler Preschool
Colors Toddler Preschool
Letters Toddler Preschool
Numbers Toddler Preschool
Animals Toddler Preschool
Bugs Toddler Preschool
Food Toddler Preschool
Transportation Toddler Preschool

The rest of our content is only available as downloads within our featured apps (Complete, Quizzing, Flashcards and Toybox).

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